The wine vocation of the Rendé family has the roots in an ancient and very solid tradition. It can be credit citing documents in evidence, already since 1604, the uninterrupted dedication to the viticulture and to the elaboration of wines and his derivatives. The brothers Rendé Masdéu, Josep Maria and Joan, decided to modernize their plantations in 1991 and to associate for the elaboration and sale jointly of the products of the vineyards of their respective patrimonies. With the technical collaboration of the enologist Guillem Roig and under the productive direction of his brother Jordi Roig, son­in­law of Josep Maria Rendé, they come developing, in their warehouse placed in L’Espluga de Francolí, next to the royal monastery of Santa Maria of Poblet, a planning of high quality and very distinctive character wines, with denomination of origin Conca de Barberà.

The philosophy of this familiar warehouse is supported by the direct work of the technical personnel, from the tasks of the vineyards to the day after day in the warehouse, with the collaboration of both founding brothers of the mark. The care in the perfeccionment of the tradition is very important, as well as the observation of the most modern procedures of the treatment and care of the product.

Though the company has been growing these two decades, since the moment in which it was modernized and founded as Rendé ­Masdéu, it moves nowadays on a production of approximately fifty thousand bottles, which quality and design are controlled by remarcable sensibility.

The marketing and the administration of this mark depart from the guardianship of Mariona Rendé, daughter of the founder Josep Maria Rendé and wife of the butler Jordi Roig. She has the spirit of both generations, because they compose the direction of the company.

Their wines, though they are marked with monovarietals denominations, are always convenientment tinted with interventions of coupage  between the three vine­stocks of own crop, with the exception of the syrah, “Arnau” and rosé, that are made hundred for hundred with their variety.

Josep Maria Rendé i Ventosa