Let’s go on an excursion to L’Espluga de Francolí

Availability: from Tuesday to Friday throughout the school year

Price: 8€/student

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* Availability of bus parking at both facilities

** Different spaces available for lunch at L’Espluga de Francolí

Cultivating the future


Valuable lessons for rethinking a sustainable future for life on the planet.

How did our grandparents live? How did they work the land? Where did the food come from and where does it come from now? How will we feed ourselves in the future? We will reflect on this through a participatory and dialogical visit to the exhibition dedicated to agriculture and a final practice in the museum garden.

An experience that invites us to think about our ancestors while remembering how they lived and how different their life was from ours. We will take a trip to the past, but at the same time we will imagine what our future will be like.

  • Learn how the land was worked in the past and how flour, oil and wine were made
  • Find out what agriculture means to people
  • Learn to respect the plants and living things in the garden
  • Raise awareness of the future challenges of sustainable food
  • Encourage critical thinking and cooperative work


Initial, Secondary and Higher Cycle of Primary Education, Secondary Education, Training Cycles, Special Education.


Vineyard workshop, visit to the winery and wine or must tasting

Vineyard workshop:

  • Know the cycle of the vineyard
  • How was the vineyard worked before and now?
  • The different types of grapes; varieties
  • The different types of production: integrated, ecological, biodynamic

Visit to the winery:

  • Learn about the history of the winery’s facilities dating back to the 12th century
  • A short film of the fast-paced story of Rendé Masdéu
  • A tour of the winery where the whole process of winemaking from the grapes to the bottle is explained.
  • It ends with a grape must or wine tasting in case the students are of legal age.


Infant cycle, Initial, middle and upper cycle of primary education, Secondary education, Baccalaureate, formative cycles and Special education.

* The contents and explanations of the visit will be adapted to the level of the students.

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