The cellar

Our deposits

The 2020 harvest was the first to enter the new winery, almost a year after the flood that swept away our old winery. The fermentation room of the new winery has tanks made from 3 different materials where the different wines are fermented; concrete, stainless steel and French oak.

They have different volumes and all of them are connected to an aerothermal equipment that allows us to control the temperature of each one during the fermentation and also to an inertization equipment that helps us to protect our wines.

Our cellars

The aging and storage of all the wines can be found in the basement, at the bottom of some cups where years ago the breeze was stored and where there are also some cellars dating from the fourteenth century, these stand out for having been built with the traditional Catalan vault. There, temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year, which provides the idyllic conditions for the rest of our wines.

Wine aging

The aging is carried out in French oak barrels of 500 L, in a casing of the same material of 2000 L and trepat in clay amphorae.

The production process

The production room has a line for disgorging, bottling and labeling. And also a small laboratory.

40 solar panels were installed on the roof of the winery in order to be energy self-sufficient throughout the production process.